Spooky, quick and healthy? Yes please!

spooky avocado toast

To trick-or-treat or not to trick-or-treat. That is the question. The CDC has officially deemed it a high-risk activity, but they know that many will be doing it anyway. They recommend leaving a bowl of treats at the end of the sidewalk or driveway. Clearly they've never had childhoods. We all know what happens to the bowl of candy that's left outside.

The stores are selling bags of fun-size candy, and the thought of children wandering the streets in costumes with nowhere to knock bums me out. Did you hear about the candy slide, that shoots treats down a pipe from a safe social distance? I'm building one for our neighborhood kids. I just hope they will be masked up like my son will be.

candy slide

Halloween will just be different this year, and for enthusiasts like me, it hurts. It falls on a Saturday and a full moon? The rare blue moon? Yes hunnneeee. 

We have to pack the fun in when we can. These poor kids are feeling the sting of quarantine too. We have ways of making healthy food tasty, but here are some ideas to make it spooky too!

Pictured top: Frankenstein avocado toast! The ingredients are pretty self-explanatory, but you can get creative with the facial features, using gherkins, radish slides, seaweed and peppers. Whatever you have on hand!

gummy worm ice cubes

Okay this one isn't technically healthy. But it's hydrating! Freeze gummy woms into their ice cubes, and allow parts of the worm to stick out, for a bigger gross-out reaction!

It was hard narrowing down these ideas to just three, but I must mention this sweet treat: lychee eyeballs! No cooking required for this truly disgusting visual. Open a can of lychees, drain and pop blueberries into the holes. For a bit of blood, mix a little strawberry jam with water, glaze it on top et voila! An unsettling serving of fruit!

lychee eyeballs

No one wants this holiday to go uncelebrated, and in 2020 we have to make do with that we have and when we can. Here's to making the most of Halloween

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