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pumpkin patch

I love this time of year. Sweater weather and hayrides, pumpkin patches and warm cider. Visiting a pumpkin patch is one fall activity where social distancing is possible. We reveled in the countryside, running through corn mazes and once again arguing about how many pumpkins was just too much.

pink pumpkin

Whether you're carving pumpkins or picking up strange gourds, pumpkin patches produce delicious yields. Any chef will tell you that they hate to waste food, and try to use everything. Stale bread becomes croutons, and we've all had a banana bread situation! Why not make like a chef and squeeze the most out of your gourds?

It's harvest time after all, so if you can find a delicata squash at the patch, be sure to pick one up. The window of opportunity is short, but the results are delectable!

We've all fought over the vegetable tempura at a Japanese restaurant, because everyone's favorite is the kabocha squash. Feel free to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Here's the recipe!

If you're carving a jack-o-lantern, no need to toss those pumpkin seeds. Forget the bland variety in the snack aisle; this toasted pumpkin seed recipe is a little garlicky with a hint of paprika! If you like a little spice, then this alternate recipe is for you. 

And of course, the inside of a pumpkin is a fresher version of canned pumpkin, which can be used for all of the baked goods. From pumpkin pie to cheesecake to ridiculously cozy crock pot cocktails, pumpkin guts are autumnal gold.

heirloom pumpkin

And don't forget - when your jack-o-lantern starts getting soggy, or your pumpkins get chewed up by the squirrels, all is not lost. Pick up the sorry-looking gourds and let them break down in a sunny spot in your yard. You just might be growing your own little pumpkin patch next year!


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