Super Seeds: More than just a tasty crunch

Last week on this blog, I broke down microgreens and found it oddly satisfying to put together a round-up of all the tastiest options. Why not do the same for another type of food I'm always talking about?

For years, whenever I've written about oatmeal, smoothies or homemade granola bars, I'm always mentioning throwing in flax or chia seeds for protein, and adding more heft to the meal. Seeds are a simple and delicious way to add texture and nutrients, and it's about time I did a round-up. 

seed crackers

Super seeds: A guide


Famous for the sprouting Chia Pet gimmick, these seeds are packed with fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. You can use them in anything, but the nutrients get absorbed well if you soak them first. Chia pudding only requires a few ingredients, all of which you have at home, and the iterations are countless. 


Poppy seeds are more than just fodder for bagels and lemon muffins. They are packed with calcium, and the mildly sweet and spicy seeds can go into an array of baked goods and creamy salad dressings.


These are great for fighting against heart disease and arthritis, and contain cancer-fighting lignans. These can be ground into flaxseed meal as an alternative flour, where nutrients can absorb into the body better. They are also great tossed into oatmeal or mixed into homemade granola bar mixes. 



These pumpkin seeds are addictive as a stand-alone snack, roasted and lightly salted. A little creamy, a little umami, keep these on-hand as a snack at the office or for late-night munchies. Also great for oatmeal and homemade granola bars. Packed with magnesium and plant sterols, your bones will thank you!


Everyone loves a sesame seed. Nutty and sweet, can they grace stir-fry dishes, grilled meats and pastas. In the middle east, they are candied or ground into a tahini paste - vital for making hummus. They are also packed with antioxidants - especially the black sesame seeds. 

sesame seed chicken


Like pepitas, they are great as a stand-alone snack. You can also add them to homemade energy bars or mix them into a trail mix. They are packed with vitamin E, which fights inflammation and promotes healthy skin

Add some texture and crunch to your meals with some of these options. Not only will the meal have more dimension, but the added nutrition will make it more satisfying. 

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