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The Chemex Coffeemaker is manual pour-over style glass coffeemaker invented in 1941. You may have grown up loving Chemex, fabulous, you know how wonderful it is! For younger generations, Chemex has been discovered and gained popularity. No doubt coffee is a booming industry! Whether you drink it hot or cold, creamy or sweet, coffee made in a Chemex is a great base!  My advice, take a few extra minutes while brewing to chat with loved ones, play with the dog or schedule your day! After your first sip, you may "zen" out for a moment and if it's your first time tasting Chemex made coffee, you might truly be tasting coffee in its purity for the first time! Enjoy! 

BENEFITS: Better tasting, less bitter coffee. It looks beautiful on your counter versus the big coffee machines. It is easy to clean as well.

PROS: Quality! Chemex produces a clean, crisp, and pure coffee experience! Need I say more!?

CONS: Time! It takes a few extra minutes to make (but worth it!). Coffee won't stay hot in the Chemex & requires being moved to insulated carafe or similar (small sacrifice).

STATS: Price - 6 Cup $42.95, 8 Cup $44.95, Filters $8.95

TIPS: Works best with freshly roasted coffee & a Gooseneck Tea Kettle! If you need to grind, a Burr Grinder is recommended.