Father's Day Guide to Greatness

Sports were canceled in 2020, and that's just the tip of the iceberg for dads. If mama needed a gesture on Mother's Day, it's his turn now. For any dads reading this: I see you on Instagram, home-schooling and making those funny-shaped pancakes. We got your back this year. 

How do we make Father's Day special?  For starters, it looks like a lot of us have picked up some new hobbies during quarantine. My husband took up fishing. He likens it to gambling, which he is also a fan of. But since casinos are closed, fishing it is. Bring the family, pack an unforgettable picnic and gift him a great knife.


Some dads have taken up gardening, and every singe one of them are growing jalapenos. It's a thing. If their bounty is big enough, a thoughtful gift would be some vinegar, jars and spices so they can bottle their very own hot sauce

I know a lot of people are baking bread, because no one can find yeast or bread flour at the store. Social media is rife with crusty loaves. If the dad in your life is baking, treat him good with these gifts and hopefully you'll make off with a baguette. 

I know some of you are rolling your eyes at the thought of hobbies. I get it. Home-schooling while working from home should be an Olympic sport, like day drinking. Not all of us are built for it. If unwinding is what Dad needs, let's give him a break. Buy handsome tumblers for his single malt Scotch. Indulge in some quality BBQ goods, so grilling feels almost like self-care. He gets out of the house, and you get stellar ribeye. Does that sound selfish? Ribeye, though. 

Happy Father's Day!


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