Ladles Cooking Videos - Your Quarantine Companion

Sarah Nicholas of Ladles and Linens

I'll admit it. I was late to the game with the Ladles and Linens Cooking School videos. It's not that I'm virtuous about screen time; one of my happiest memories during quarantine is binge-watching Fleabag. It's not that I'm adverse to learning new things; I hopped onto that Masterclass train. It's that catching a live class means you need to know what day it is. I'm working on it!

In the meantime, Sarah recounted the live class where she knocked over her cocktail shaker along with the camera, resulting in a drunk dog (who lapped the drink off the floor). Thankfully, Sarah picked right back up and finished making the Smile Politely cocktail. Even better, this video (bloopers and all) lives on the cooking school page. Here's to keeping it real!

radishes ladles and linens

There are classes where she's dressed like a Bond girl mixing fierce drinks - perfect for happy hour. She takes you around the world with recipes like shakshuka - ideal for people looking to shake things up in the kitchen. Take advantage of the free cooking classes, which would be unheard of in any cooking school if you were on-site. There are silver linings all around us. 

For parents homeschooling, I had mentioned that keeping your kids active in the kitchen is where science meets art. Now we can add entertainment to the mix, because Sarah's 5 year-old son Asher even guides us through his favorites, via online classes. Sarah provides the list of ingredients ahead of time, so you and your kids can prepare, and follow along live. It's almost like you're hanging out, which we all need a little more of. 

healthy grain bowl

A couple of warnings: Sarah's kitchen is distractingly grand. But have no fear, your jealousy will be mitigated by her realness and warmth. Some of my favorite moments in these videos is when her children amble up to her while filming. It's a sweet and familiar feeling to working parents, who are trying to do it all.

Which brings me to my second and final warning. Her kids are distractingly adorable. You may have a brood of wild ones with grown-out quarantine hair, wrestling in an adjacent room. My son's shoes are perpetually caked with red Virginia clay. But you too can have a mini "Ladleman" or "Ladlette." Swap their tees for button-up shirts or Izod polos, give their hair a good brush and teach each of them to smile politely. 

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