Nacho Ordinary Cinco de Mayo Party

In case you run into that guy at your Cinco de Mayo party, you know, the one that asks you if you “even know” what Cinco de Mayo is about, be prepared. It’s not their Independence Day, but a holiday celebrating Mexico’s victory over Napoleon and the French Empire during the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Now that we’ve put that guy in his place, get a margarita in him, and quickly. He simply needs to be reminded of the big picture: this holiday has become a celebration of Mexican culture. Spring fever is still strong, so keep it outdoors. String some lights and vibrant picado papel banners. Blast mariachi music and fire up the bar blender for the signature drink: margaritas!

You can wow guests with elegant crystal, or incite brain freeze, with these frozen margarita glasses. Keep it spicy by lining the rims with Lemon Zest Sea Salt.

Cinco de Mayo parties are light-hearted by nature, so add a dash of humor with this literal taco truck! Serve pre-made tacos to guests while they mingle, to make them feel spoiled and to enjoy their reaction. Spice those tacos up with authentic seasonings, like Mexican Adobo or Cocoa and Ancho or Chipotle Honey!

One of the great things about Mexican-themed parties, is that no one pays extra for guac! Assume that guests will go for guacamole with reckless abandon. Make more than you think they’ll need with a little help from this avocado masher and guacamole keeper, which keeps it from browning.

Who says pinatas are just for kids? Fill them up with mini plastic bottles of tequila, boxes of Chiclets gum, and lottery tickets. To make it memorable, get creative with small but inspired gifts:

For dessert, guests will drool for silky, custard-like flan. To keep it simple, pour, serve and chill into individual ramekins!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos!

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