Oh. My. Gourd.

It's harvest time! Pumpkins and gourds of all persuasions are spilling from front porches, window displays and dining tables. And though we have record-breaking heat in the 90s this October, we are willing fall to happen by sheer decoration!

I asked around, and realized that aside from butternut and spaghetti squash, people consider most gourds to be decorative. This isn't the case, and if you want to introduce newer, nuttier flavors into your meals, now is the time!

Take that gorgeous photo at the top. It's delicata squash agrodolce, a much praised recipe sweeping Instagram at the moment. I can't wait to try it and am currently hunting for delicata squash. The marigold and deep green stripes make it an ideal fall decoration, but I wouldn't waste it. Athena Calderone of Eyeswoon created the trending recipe, which can be found here.

My personal favorite is coconut curry butternut squash soup. It's a mouthful, but so simple to make, I don't need to lay out detailed instructions. Take a butternut squash. Peel, de-seed and cube it. Toss with olive oil and roast at 400 degrees in the oven for about 40 minutes or until soft. While it's roasting, chop and saute one large onion in butter, until soft. Toss onions and butternut squash cubes into a food processor with one can of coconut milk, one heaping teaspoon of curry powder, and chicken broth to help the soup puree in the blender. Puree, and add salt, pepper and extra curry powder to taste. It's scrumptious, and freezes well so make it in bulk to save for the winter

Acorn squash is simply addictive when brushed with truffle oil and roasted in the oven. Ladles & Linens' very own Sarah Nicholas and her husband Evan used summer squash in the Sicilian Recipes episode of The Story of Cooking. Haven't seen it yet? Check out all her episodes on Foody TV! 

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