This Bud's for You

Spring has officially sprung, and our Instagram pages are awash with Easter tablescapes and fresh flowers. As we swap pine cones for bud vases, why not enjoy flowers in a whole new way? Chef Lori Stern has been making waves with her shortbread cookies, with baked-in flowers from her own garden in Montecito. While they look Insta-worthy, they taste so scrumptious, she’s been shipping them all over the country. Unlike many chefs, she’s happy to share her secret and you can find it here.


Want to give it a shot? Quick cooking videos do make it look easy, but that’s how Chef Stern learned – on the Internet! There is one secret weapon every baker uses to cut down on time and labor, and that’s the Kitchen Aid Mixer. You can also cut down on waste by using this handy non-stick baking mat.

Let the gorgeous blooms take center stage when served on this pristine white serving platter

And sweets aren’t the only way to enjoy spring’s bounty. Nasturtium (pictured above) is a peppery-tasting flower with deep jewel tones. When thrown in salads, along with their photogenic round leaves, it offers a real kick. Go for the smaller leaves, unless you'd like a more bitter green. 

Serve your salads in style with a rounded acacia bowl. These matching serving hands will be the talk of your dinner party.

My personal favorite is wood sorrel (pictured above), a flowering plant so common, one sees it daily. They bunch on the ground like clover, only they're more leggy with yellow flowers. The lemony taste is so addictive that my son tears at it during walks. When he tries to snack on sorrel from sidewalks and parking lots, I insist they must be washed first.


You can throw mounds of raw sorrel atop fish, chicken breasts and salads. Mince them in a flash with these herb scissors and add some cheer to your presentation with this Le Cadeaux set.

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